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[Image Source: Jens Markus Lindhe]

In this special installment of The Modern List, our very own Carey Moran brings us up to speed on the modernism to be explored in one of the epicenters of the design world. Not only is this her second tour as a BUILD intern, she’s also no stranger to Denmark, as a fellow alumna of the DIS program. During this most recent stint abroad, Carey had the unique experience of living and working in Copenhagen the first half of the year with Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter, where interns worked on various competitions ranging from housing to cultural buildings.

Danes are known for their incredible ability to weave fresh, modernism into the rich, historic fabric of their cities and towns. Their mastery extending beyond the built object, into their beloved public spaces. Even their failures are interesting, like Ørestad. Curating the list was a tough task, but these are spaces and spots that made the cut for architecture and design picks.

Children’s Culture House Ama’r, Øresundsvej 6, 2300 Copenhagen S 
by Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter
[Image Source: Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter]

Kastrup Sea Bath, Amager Strandvej 301, 2770 Kastrup 
by White Arkitekter AB
[Image Source: White Arkitekter AB]

Maritime Youth House, Amager Strandvej 13, 2300 Copenhagen
by Bjarke Ingels Group + JDSA
[Image Source: JDS Architects]

Kvarterhus Jemtelandsgade, Jemtelandsgade 3, 2300 Copenhagen S, +45 82 32 55 32 
by Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter
[Image Source: Jens Markus Lindhe]

8Tallet, Richard Mortensens Vej, 2300 Copenhagen S by Bjarke Ingels Group
VM Houses, Ørestads Boulevard 55, 2300 Copenhagen S by Bjarke Ingels Group + JDSA
The Mountain, Ørestads Boulevard 55, 2300 Copenhagen S by Bjarke Ingels Group + JDSA
Tietgen Dormitory, Rued Langgårdsvej 10-18, DK-2300 Copenhagen S by Lundgaard & Tranberg
[Image Source: Bjarke Ingels Group, JDSA, LUndgaard & Tranberg Architects]

Denmark has a wide range of museums with several of them combining thoughtful, site-responsive architecture with a memorable interior experience.

Louisiana Museum, Gammel Strandvej 13, 3050 Humlebæk, +45 49 19 07 19
[Image Source: Louisiana Museum]

Danish National Maritime Museum, Ny Kronborgvej 1, Elsinore, +45 49 21 06 85
by Bjarke Ingels Group
[Image Source: Luca Santiago Mora, Rasmus Hjortshøj]

Sorø Kunstmuseum, Storgade 9, 4180 Sorø, +45 57 83 22 29 
by Lundgaard & Tranberg
[Image Source: Lundgaard & Tranberg]

While the Danes love the inexpensive and ubiquitous pølsevogn, the food scene has been significantly  elevated in recent years. A resurgence in Nordic Cuisine has modernized the traditional menu, focusing heavily on local ingredients. The food is fresh and interesting. Where else can you find birch bark ice cream?

Höst, Nørre Farimagsgade 41, 1364, Copenhagen, +45 89 93 84 09
[Image Source: Höst]

Fiskebaren, Flæsketorvet 100, 1711 Copenhagen, +45 32 15 56 56
[Image Source: The Selby]

Copenhagen Street Food, Warehouse 7 & 8, Papirøen, Trangravsvej 14, 1436 Copenhagen K
[Image Source: Copenhagen Street Food]

Denmark has consistently been voted Happiest Country in the World, and their drinking habits may be the reason why (that, and their modest expectations). From pilsners at a cafe to the latest crazy concoction from Mikkeller (former high-school science teacher, Mikkel Borg Bjergso), Denmark has some of the best watering holes. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that you can drink almost anywhere you want.

Mikkeller Bar, Viktoriagade 8 B-C, 1655 Copenhagen V, +45 33 31 04 15 (also in Nørrebro)
[Image Source: Mikkeller]

Bådudlejningen, Overgaden Neden Vandet 29, 1414 Copenhagen K, +45 32 96 53 53
[Image Source: Bådudlejningen]

Bankeråt, Ahlefeldtsgade 27, 1359 Copenhagen N, +45 33 93 69 88
[Image Source: The Traveling Foodie]

Danish design has become synonymous with timeless modernism, so it isn’t a surprise that their retail options are fantastic. Even if you can’t afford the goods, the design eye-candy is enough to whet your architectural appetite.

Hay, Østergade 61, 1100 Copenhagen K, +45 42 82 08 20
[Image Source: Studio S Joes Joe]

Normann Copenhagen, 70 Østerbrogade, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, DK
[Image Source: Norman Copenhagen]

Illums Bolighus A/S, Amagertorv 10, 1160 Copenhagen K, +45 33 14 19 41
[Image Source: Gubi Journal]

That covers our latest and greatest modern picks for Denmark. As always, feel free to share any of your own must-see/must-do spots we missed in the comments below.

Skål from Carey + Team BUILD

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The firm expects annual savings of up to $ 120 million, but notes new work.
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Before you start planning your next construction project, here’s an infographic that may help you determine which building method is right for you.

Click on the image to see the full-size version

modular vs traditional infographic1 Infographic: Modular Construction or Traditional Building... Whats right for you?

Embed Modular vs. Traditional Construction on Your Site:
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<img src="" width="800">

Modular vs. Traditional Construction – An infographic by the team at ModSpace

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ModSpace Blog – Construction News, Updates & Insights

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Yan Jiehe, a teacher turned mega-builder and developer, is taking his privately held construction firm into the realm of China’s state-owned contractors and around the world.
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[Photo by BUILD LLC]

A couple weeks ago, we reached a small milestone in BUILD history. As with every summer in recent memory, we gathered a group of cyclists to participate in our annual Seattle to Vancouver Invitational Charity Ride (S2V). Last month marked our fifth year, and the crew has a momentum that makes this feel like we’ll continue for many years to come. Our sights are already looking into the distance to the training regimen for 2015. For a look back on previous rides, check our S2V archives: 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

[Photo by BUILD LLC + Brian Boram]

Since its start in 2010, BUILD has coordinated and hosted the two-day, 185 mile charity ride which begins on the stoop of the BUILD office in Seattle and culminates in Vancouver, B.C. (unless that’s not enough and you choose to ride the Whistler extension on day three). And S2V 2014 was a big success: we had a tremendous crew with a mix of familiar and fresh faces, the jersey designs continue to evolve (and dare we say improve over previous years), and (no small feat) we finally had a 100% success rate in the “No Passport Left Behind” program. Not to mention, the logging of hundreds of collective training hours to support fitness, camaraderie, and goodwill.

In years past, we’ve raised dollars to support Shelterbox, Washington C.A.S.H., The Hope Center, and this year, we are honored to join up with the Seattle non-profit, Bike Works, to support with our pedaling. A big thanks goes out to our generous donors and supporters who helped us raise a our current total just north of $ 20,000. And it’s never too late to do good, so feel free to click over to the online donation page and continue the goodwill by adding to our running total (just note “S2V” on your donation).

[Photo by BUILD LLC]

Bike Works is a fantastic Seattle-based non-profit bike shop complete with classes, a repair shop, and cycling resources supporting their immediate community (and cultivating future generations of riders). We want to give a shout out and a big thanks to Marcus (pictured above) for giving us the grand tour of their operations. Check out more about Bike Works and their programs here.

An S2V recap would not be complete without recognizing our jersey designer and jersey vendor. For the third year straight, our very own Charles Caldwell whipped up the smart and stylish jersey design. This year, we tried out a new jersey vendor, Castelli, who provided us with top-notch jerseys (that looked good and felt good). Major props to them for hitting our budget and working within a tight deadline.

[Images by BUILD LLC]

Much of our success in crossing that finish line involved the right kind of sustenance to keep our bodies strong and our motivation going. Our friends at Picnic continued their support this year with a generous and delicious spread that covered lunch over the two days. As well, Ciao Thyme hosted a fantastic backyard dinner in Bellingham. All this good eating was a welcome departure from sport bars and still-undetermined-biking-gel-food-goo. As you can see, we really weren’t “roughing it” out there — seriously, how often does a boutique deli cater a 185 mile bike ride? It’s one of the many perks that keeps the ride one of our annual highlights.

[Photos by BUILD LLC]

And we can’t go without giving a standing ovation to the steadfast leadership and organization of BUILD’s own Kevin Eckert. And as well to our fearless leader on the road, Aaron Pambianco, whose navigation skills can only be compared to that of a Canadian Goose. And we’d truly be lost without the team manager and the steady SAGwagon hand that our man Gary Plaunt provides.

[Photo by Brian Boram]

[Photo by BUILD LLC]

[Photo by BUILD LLC]

Among our generous donors, many wonderful folks in the BUILD community stepped up to support us by giving generously to Bike Works. We’d like to extend special thanks to all who gave, particularly to our very generous leaders, Greg & Margo Plaunt, as well as vendor and friend, Blake Howell (Olde English Hardwoods) who offered a late-breaking and unexpected donation that helped push us over the $ 20K mark. Other donation leaders can be seen on the back of those sharp ride jerseys.

We’ve got a healthy collection of photos on our Facebook page. For the riders who haven’t emailed their photos in, feel free to add a link in the comments below. Search #S2V2014 for many more behind-the-scenes S2V moments captured by Team BUILD and friends.

[Photo by Greg Plaunt]

[Photo by BUILD LLC]

From our humble 2010 inaugural ride consisting of nine determined riders, we’ve grown the last couple of years to over 20 strong. Kudos to all who participated this year, and remember: it’s never too early to start training for S2V 2015!

Top Row: Bill Wiegand, Paul Jaqua, John Bergen, Jeff Johnson, Aaron Pambianco, Greg Plaunt, Kevin Eckert, Andrew van Leeuwen, Matthew Fero, Pete Nelson, Josiah Johnson, Rod Risley, Duff Bangs 
Bottom Row:
J. Michael Smith, Matt Servia, Carey Moran, Kristin McNeely, Jordan Slaymaker, Albert Shum, Brian Boram

Cheers and ride on from Team BUILD

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Starting in January 2015, employers in states covered by federal OSHA must report all work related fatalities, in-patient hospitalizations, amputations and eye losses to OSHA within 24 hours of the event, according to Dr. David Michaels, assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and health. Employers in states with OSHA-approved state plans must check with […]

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bridgeport 6 Modular Minimizes Impact of Healthcare Construction on PatientsFrom hospital expansions to standalone urgent care facilities, modular construction is quickly becoming the building method of choice for healthcare providers in need of new or additional space. According to Healthcare Design, 49 percent of the industry’s new construction is modular. The trend was confirmed in the McGraw-Hill Construction SmartMarket Report on prefabrication and modularization which named healthcare as the industry best suited to take full advantage of the benefits of modular construction.

Greater flexibility, repeatability and significantly reduced time to occupancy aren’t the only reasons modular construction is so appealing to healthcare facilities. Minimal disruption to patients and hospital operations is another compelling reason why so many are choosing modular.

While construction is underway in the factory, comparatively less foundation work is completed onsite. Once the building modules are complete, they are delivered to the site and installed in a fraction of the time of similar traditionally built structures. As a result, hospital operations commonly go unaffected, patients can get needed rest and buildings are completed in as little as half the time. This allows healthcare providers to offer new and better services to more patients, sooner.

In the event that construction does shut down a medical facility, temporary medical buildings can be brought in to allow doctors to continue to provide care. With this in mind, we’re certain modular will continue to be a popular option for new healthcare construction.

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ModSpace Blog – Construction News, Updates & Insights

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9-12-14 Scott and TeacherThis week, these pictures came to me from one of our leads, Scott Priestley. He’s working with a teacher to put finishing touches on a Heart of America READesign library makeover at West Manor Elementary in Atlanta. It’s the 10th one we’ve completed, and they just keep getting better.

ArtOur folks have been involved with this initiative for several years, working with Target on school libraries from New Orleans through Birmingham to Charlotte. A particularly fun one we did was with KIPP Believe College Prep, a charter school in New Orleans. The library makeover was featured on the Oprah Winfrey farewell show.

DeskThe idea is to partner with the teachers of each school to turn libraries into warm, friendly places that engage children to learn. (Good readers make good students, having a higher aptitude for learning.) The makeover involves new structures in some cases, new paint and lighting along with new furniture and carpet. The final addition is up to 2,000 new, high-quality library books. Our latest at West Manor included demolition, new lighting, news walls, painting and carpet along with shelves, furniture and wall murals.

The program alone may not transform communities, but it’s a start. Who knows? Maybe the early love of reading these children find in their new library is just the spark needed to be successful in the classroom and in the future. Our folks are proud to be a part.

Planting Acorns

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Highway projects received 47% of the sixth TIGER round’s dollars; transit got 27%, maritime 13% and rail 11.5%.
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[Image Source: Design in Public]

Going on four years now, Seattle has been launching its very own design festival with a whole city of creatives converging on projects, goods, ideas, and discussion centered around design and its significance for a growing city. Marking the shift in seasons, the Seattle Design Festival is now a fixture on the September calendar, each year bringing new collaborations and a unique theme, this year’s being Design in Motion. While the first few days of the festival are already behind us, there’s plenty more to see and do. We’ve compiled a “shortlist” of events we think are especially worthy of your time. Check them out, and let us know if we’ve missed any good ones in the comments below.

The opening weekend events for SDF2014 kicked off over the past weekend, primarily in the heart of Pioneer Square, Seattle’s oldest neighborhood. Some fantastic installations and engaging exhibits were enough to whet our design-hungry appetites.

9.6 – 9.7 // Design Block Party // Occidental Plaza, 310 Occidental Avenue S
Hosted by Design in Public
Presenting design installations, demonstrations, activities, workshops, performances, exhibits, tours and more. Families welcome and encouraged. Suggested donation, $ 10 for adults, 10am–6pm.
SDF2014_Design Block Mid Block
[Image Source: BUILD LLC]

9.6 – 9.7 // Design Rumble Installations // Occidental Plaza, 310 Occidental Avenue S
Hosted by Design in Public
This year, we invited 100 Seattle designers to participate in the SDF Rumble: a collaborative workshop to rapidly generate ideas for installations to be constructed for the Seattle Design Festival. Designers formed groups that were paired with nine contractor teams, 10am–6pm.
[Image Source: BUILD LLC]

For those who prefer to go at a leisurely pace, a handful of events are ongoing throughout the festival (and beyond). And while there’s plenty to see, there are also plenty of opportunities to shop, interact, and contribute.

9.5 – 9.12 // SHOWCASE 14: Seattle Design // 220 S Jackson Street
Hosted by Design in Public
A curated experiential marketplace featuring incredible designers from the Pacific Northwest. This pop-up shop and gallery will be curated by a distinguished jury (George Suyama, Ellie Kemery, Charlie Schuck, and Rysia Suchecka and more). September 5-12, 2014.
SDF2014_Showcase 14 Space
[Image Source: BUILD LLC]

9.8 – 9.12 // Walk to Work Week // The Space between home + work
Hosted by Feet First, Commute Seattle, City of Seattle, Seattle Architecture Foundation
Participants will challenge themselves, hundreds of employees & companies around the city to track trips and miles. Participants are encouraged to recognize how design plays an important role in great walking experiences and support pedestrian safety and accessibility in Seattle.

[Image Source: Design in Public]

For the design-minded and design-curious that can’t resist a good lecture/panel discussion, SDF2014 will sate that desire. Get your moleskine and twitter feeds ready for some hot topics in Seattle Design.

09.13 + 09.14 // SDF Conference // Seattle Public Library, 1000 4th Avenue
Hosted by Design in Public, Seattle Public Library
Twenty talks, workshops, film and more. Engage with design luminaries and community leaders in this unique mixing of disciplines and intersecting fields as they gather to unpack the Festival theme, “Design in Motion.” Panel discussions, lectures and workshops. Free and open to the public. Seattle Public Library Central Branch. Sept 13(10:30am–6pm) and Sept 14 (12–6pm).

9.14 // PechaKucha 56: Designing Leadership // Seattle Public Library, 1000 4th Avenue
Hosted by Pecha Kucha Seattle, Design in Public
Pecha Kucha Seattle, in collaboration with Design in Public is thrilled to present PKN SEA vol. 56: Designing Leadership. The evening will bring together presenters from across the design community to explore the ways in which design can uniquely lead, the ways in which design leadership has evolved, the ways in which we foster a culture of leadership within our community, and the rich set of opportunities ahead, focusing on members of our community that are leading design in unique, powerful, wonderful ways. Reception to follow discussion in the gallery space adjacent to the auditorium.
SDF2014_PechaKucha [Image Source: Pecha Kucha Seattle]

9.17 // CONVERGENCE II: Where Physical & Interactive Design Meet // Impact Hub, 220 2nd Avenue S
Hosted by Tactile, General Assembly
We will explore the evolving discipline of design and what happens at the intersection of the physical, digital, interactive, and innovative. We will look to local architects, industrial and user experience designers, urban planners and more. Join Tactile as we consider the colliding realms of space and experience and their inherent tensions and opportunities. Drinks and light snacks provided.
[Image Source: Design in Public]

In step with this year’s festival theme, it only makes sense that a tour or two should be part of your itinerary. See what “greenest” means one year in, check in on the hottest new commercial developments the city, and get your fix of the pop-up parklet.

9.9 // Active Design in the Bullitt Environment & Bullitt Center Tour // Bullitt Center, 1501 E. Madison Street
Hosted by ASID Washington State
Join us at the Bullitt Center for a look into the creation of this visionary building. Hear from the creators how they used “active design” to create an environment that achieved the goal of net-zero energy consumption. This panel discussion will highlight the importance of designing interior spaces that encourage physical activity to reduce energy use and improve health. Tour the six-story, 52,000 square foot building and see how movement can conserve energy while enjoying panoramic views of downtown Seattle and Puget Sound from “the irresistible staircase.”  Tickets: ASID Members $ 20, A&D Community or Guests $ 30, Students w/ID $ 15. Doors open at 5:30pm.
[Image Source: Design in Public]

9.11 // 11+P Inter-Block Party // Chophouse Row, 1429 12th Avenue
Hosted by Sundberg Kennedy Ly-Au Young Architects
Join SKL Architects and neighbors for a “sneak peak” tour of the Chophouse Row project! The 11+P Inter-Block Party will take place at the near-complete Chophouse Row project on Capitol Hill. This project is the final piece of a larger master plan in the Pike-Pine Corridor that supports an incremental urbanism rather than a large-scale monoculture. Learn about the future of the 11th and Pike block, its integration with the Capitol Hill neighborhood, and the important role of mixed-use developments within urban communities while enjoying food and drink from the block!
[Image Source: SKL]

9.19 // PARK(ing) Day // Nationwide + Citywide
Hosted by SDOT, American Society of Landscape Architects, Washington Chapter (WASLA)
Come experience PARK(ing) Day on Friday, September 19, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m, and visit pop-up park installations around Seattle. PARK(ing) Day happens once a year on the third Friday in September. The event raises awareness about important issues like creating a walkable, livable, and healthy city. Visit SDOT’s website for more information and a map of pop-up parks in your neighborhood.
[Image Source: SDOT + Seattle Bike Blog]

As much fun and inspiration tours and talks can be, festivals are really about connecting with people and having some fun. Check out a few high caliber gatherings going on during the fest, whether building up community or breaking things down on the dance floor.

9.10 // ARCADE 32.2 Launch Party // Friends of the Waterfront Seattle, 1400 Western Avenue
Hosted by Schemata Workshop, Dark|Light Design, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Schuchart/Dow
(Though not an official part of SDF, a design event worth a spot on your calendar. Engage with the local design community in sharing some good food, drink, and conversation.)
Join us as we celebrate the release of our September issue, ARCADE 32.2, Empathy, Fire and Spades: Design for Social Innovation, feature edited by Brian Boram. We’ll be gathering at the Waterfront Space on Western at Union. A $ 20 suggested donation at the door brings beverages, light fare, your copy of ARCADE and a warm philanthropic rush—it supports the creation of our magazine and programs.
[Image Source: ARCADE]

9.12 // Dance This Way // Friends of Waterfront Seattle, 1400 Western Avenue
Hosted by Friends of Waterfront Seattle, Space.City, Pike Place Market Foundation, graypants
Join us Friday evening, September 12th at 6:30 p.m. for dance, music and other performances that roam from place to place in celebration of design in motion. Coinciding with the opening of Waterfront Space at 1400 Western Ave—a project showroom for Waterfront Seattle—and happening on the eve of Pike Place Market’s much anticipated expansion, Dance This Way will commemorate the moments when design moves from concept to reality, and when ideas begin to actively shape our environment and experiences. // 21 and over // free + open to the public. Please RSVP.
[Image Source: Space.City]

9.16 // +Momentum // Seattle Design Foundation, 95 Yesler Way
Hosted by Seattle Design Foundation
Join the Seattle Design Foundation and their intention of bringing innovation, support, and dialog to our design culture. Weigh in on next year’s grant theme, see what progress has been made with this year’s grant winners, hear from the judges on what they saw in the first round of design grants and what they see as design trends in the city. Judges panel: Yasaman Sheri, Tad Hirsch, Liz Dunn, Christian Marc Schmidt, and Kelly Rodriguez.
[Image Source: Design in Public]

9.19 // SDF2014 Closing Party // DLR Group, 51 University Street, Suite 600
Hosted by Design in Public, IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter
Decelerate and celebrate with Seattle’s design community to bring the 2014 Seattle Design Festival to a close. Food, libations, live-music, dancing and spectacular waterfront views. Open to the public. Tickets available at the door. $ 20 cash or credit card suggested donation, includes food and beverages.
[Image Source: Design in Public]

That about covers our shortlist. For the full schedule, click here. Stay engaged, stay inspired, and see you around the Fest!

Cheers from Team BUILD

Build Blog

Top tips for working in construction

The construction business is one of the most pulsating and challenging business ventures. It demands lot of investments in terms of your energy, capital and time that is the main reason why it is very essential that you are passionately interested in this business venture.

With each passing day this arena is facing lot many changes in the techniques, equipments and style of working. You can do yourself a huge favour by seeking the right qualifications in order to have in-depth knowledge about the different dimensions of the construction business. No doubt, the reality picture tends to be different but it is always worthwhile to be well versed with the theoretical aspects in order to focus on the challenges of the actual world of work.

It will also help you in becoming more receptive of the changes and better options. You will be able to embrace the novelty easily if you remain open to its challenging nature. For that you always need to be on your toes and make sure you are well aware of the changing trend. With this attitude you will never lag in the race of being a proverbial in the construction business and lead your company towards excellence and proficiency.

Make sure you have the right tools. It's a poor craftsman who blames his tools, but it's understandable if you can't get the job done because you haven't got the equipment you need. As an example, portable hyundai generators can provide you with power when out in the field

Hence, you should seek this business option only when you think and firmly believe that it is your area of expertise. This will help you in creating better perspective and clear the expectation zone! It is important to be interested and really like the construction work in order to reap better rewards!

Once, you have set your mind in your business endeavours you need to take the first step of launching the construction business. You can also affirm your intensions and visions by joining the trade union. This step can facilitate your functioning as a proficient business venture. Moreover, the formalities, legal procedures, financial liabilities can be sorted by seeking the right guidance and information.

Most importantly, the construction arena is sure to make you more aware and concerned about the safety needs of your workers and employees. Hence, you will be giving lot of importance to safety meetings. These meeting can be taken as the right opportunity to seek awareness about the location and enforcing required rules and regulations. This is why you should never avoid or delay the safety meetings and its significance in your business. The insightful observation when blended with experience can help you get prepared for emergencies also. This also pave the way for better adjustments when require.

It is clear that this business can be crude and demanding in many respects, yet it also creates a very profitable and satisfying venture. In order to get the maximum of your business set up you need to have proper vision and clear expectations. Your attitude and working style is going to determine your success and the heights of your profits. Therefore, it is time that you open yourself to the creative and profitable ideas to ensure that your construction business is a roaring success from now on!