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Webcor senior VP to move to Skanska USA Building in California; Miyamoto International expands in India and Africa.
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Homebuilders have a new option to help show a finished home to prospects, before ground is even broken. The Plan Collection (TPC), an online house plan provider, allows builders to print out 3D models of house plans “to get physical 360-degree views of the plan from both external and internal perspectives.” It also offers much more […]

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By Eric Kirberg Current market trends show the roofing industry is staying up-to-date with green technology. One such technology is photovoltaic roofing. It is as appealing to home owners as it is to larger commercial businesses for its environmental and economic benefits. When photovoltaic (PV) roofing debuted on the commercial market in 2005, adoption was slow […]

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Wary of too-high projected financing costs for the $ 1.5-billion Project NEON, officials adopt a design-build approach.
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Construction Marketer of The Year AwardHow can you improve your credibility as a Construction Marketer and get some hardware for your hard work? The Construction Marketing Association STAR Awards is your opportunity to solidify your name as a top construction marketer in your field today.  Submit your Entries before the deadline on September 5, 2014 for your chance to win.

Are You a Construction Marketing Star? Prove it!

The annual Construction Marketing STAR Awards, and Construction Marketer of the Year Awards are produced by the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) to recognize marketing effectiveness in construction-related industries in North America.

Entries are judged by a blue ribbon panel of experienced, volunteer members of the CMA from across the continent. Winners are recognized with a frame-quality certificate and optional gold-plated statuette from the same firm that manufactures the Oscar® awards.

Do You Excel in Any of the Following?

Submit your best work in any of the following categories for your opportunity to win.

Advertising – Print 

  • Trade publication
  • Advertising Campaign (2+ pieces)
  • Newspaper
  • Advertorial
  • Insert

Advertising – Outdoor

  • Billboard
  • Transit
  • Banners

Advertising – Broadcast

  • Television
  • Radio

Brand Identity

  • Logo
  • Graphic theme
  • Letterhead
  • Business card
  • Identity Standards/User Manual/Guide
  • Environmental design
  • Fleet/Vehicle graphics


  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Technical manuals
  • Flyers
  • Newsletter
  • Annual report
  • Sales and Dealer kits
  • Media kits

Direct mail

  • Flat mail
  • Dimensional mail
  • Postcards

Internet Marketing

  • Website design
  • Email campaign
  • Blog design
  • Social profile design
  • Webcast
  • Search optimization
  • Interactive CD/DVD
  • Intranets
  • Microsites
  • Animation

  • Signage, Banners
  • Displays
  • Plan-O-Grams
  • POP materials
  • Promotion


  • Product package design


  • Product photography
  • Location photography
  • Digital retouching


  • Press kit
  • News release
  • Press event
  • Product launch via PR
  • Public Service/Community Affairs
  • Articles
  • Speeches


  • Contests/Sweepstakes
  • Loyalty programs
  • Coupons
  • In-Store promos
  • Pro-bono programs
  • Sports marketing
  • Sales kit

Trade Shows/Events

  • Exhibit design
  • Exhibit graphics
  • Exhibit promotion
  • Invitations
  • Field marketing programs
  • Customer meetings


  • Corporate video
  • Product video
  • Training video
  • Animation

Employee Communications

  • Newsletters
  • Training manuals
  • Recruitment

Also, be sure to enter for the Integrated Campaign (combining more 3 or more elements) and the Construction Marketer of the Year Award.


In order to get the discounted submission rate, you must submit nominations by September 5, 2014.

Entry Fees

Entry fees by the entry deadline of September 5, 2014 are

  • $ 75 per entry for members
  • $ 90 per entry for non-members.

To Become a Construction Marketing Association Member and to get the discounted entry, click here.

How to Enter CMA STAR Awards

There are two ways to submit for a CMA STAR award.

Enter Online

The easiest way to enter your submission for the CMA STAR awards is to enter online.

To enter online using a credit card, CLICK HERE.

Enter by Mail

For mail entry(ies), please download the Award Entry Form (PDF), complete and mail entry(ies) form(s) and payment to:

Construction Marketing STAR Awards
Construction Marketing Association
1220 Iroquois Ave, Ste. 210
Naperville, IL 60563

Payment may be made by check (made payable to Construction Marketing Association) or by credit card, per above. For assistance with credit card payments, please call (630) 868-5061.

Previous Construction Marketing STAR Awards Winners

Get the list of prior winners by clicking on the announcements by year.

  • 2013 STAR Award Winners
  • 2012 STAR Award Winners
  • 2011 STAR Award Winners


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The steel industry continues making inroads in advancing sustainable construction and because of its high strength-to-weight ratio steel is being used on more and more projects. Today there are even steel buildings with low to zero carbon ratings. It’s the efficiency of steel as a resource that lends to its credibility as a sustainable product. […]

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Getting the right office trailer can give companies an edge when it comes to delivering projects on time and on budget. The service and skills of your office trailer provider are equally important. Watch this short video to see how ModSpace installation experts ensure every office trailer setup is on time and meets the highest standards.

The post Video: Expert Office Trailer Setup Helps Companies Get Productive on Day 1 appeared first on ModSpace Blog – Construction News, Updates & Insights.

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[All photos by BUILD LLC, unless noted otherwise]

A few weeks ago BUILD was invited to tour the Dale Chihuly Glass Studios in Seattle, so we rounded up the office and headed to Chihuly’s Lake Union Boat House and Ballard Studio to have a peek behind the curtain at the world’s most successful glass artist. The tour was a visual feast, and we thought you might enjoy some of the photos from our experience. Team Chihuly fully embraces social media (because they’re smart) and it’s due to this forward-thinking mindset that we’re able to share these images.


First and foremost, we were struck by the organization of the operation. In the glass blowing studio, glass rods and glass powder are arranged by color, creating a beautiful visual display in and of itself. This was very satisfying for our collective architectural OCD.



Adjacent walls of blown glass provide a reference library for color matching and comparison. The composition also offers a look at the kit-of-parts for the larger chandelier works.


Moving from the hot shop to the exhibit space, the first experience stirs the senses by placing the viewer below a glass ceiling covered with backlit pieces from the sea crustacean series.


Stage left offers a peak into Dale’s vintage car collection. The tin-clad walls have an industrial-automotive feel and allow the cars to visually pop.


Stage right exhibits a neatly organized collection of textiles, baskets, and photographs around one of the largest Douglas-fir coffee tables we’ve ever focused our eyes on. The room was completed with a birch-bark canoe and a 1914 Indian motorcycle.


Even his and hers bathrooms were used as opportunities to display a collection of unique objects. In this case, vintage children’s books displayed in an amusing way. It was relieving to finally have the answer to where our childhood copy of Roberto, The Insect Architect wound up.


Further toward the Lake Union side of the building is perhaps the most impressive piece: an 88 foot, continuous, natural edge Douglas fir conference table. You heard that correctly, eighty-eight feet long. There was an informative discussion about how the table was procured, shipped, and lifted into place but, admittedly, we went deer-in-the-headlights at the logistical complexity of achieving such a task. It’s worth mentioning that the trailer of a flatbed semi-truck is a mere 53’ long.


A series of glass chandeliers march down the length of the table as a sweeping view of the Lake Union Cut opens up beyond.


Did we mention the pool room? The glass bottom lap pool houses a collection of pieces from the sea crustacean series and the changing rooms next door suggested that this pool is perfectly usable.



We know what you’re thinking: the only thing missing from this tour is an aquarium. That too, was covered.


Next we headed to the Ballard studio where assemblage, mock-ups, lighting, and client reviews take place. This was a great behind the scenes peek of how the art actually comes together. And even the stock yard was crowned with a neon Chihuly original.


The steel frames below are used to hang the various blown glass pieces from and to create the eventual structure of Chihuly’s well-known chandeliers.


A complicated framework is in the assembly stage below, as a welder delicately attached a mounting bracket. The glass pieces in the background will eventually be fixed to each of the plugs along the frame’s spine.


Below a glass chandelier is assembled piece by piece, based on diagrammatic drawings. This mock-up will be reviewed by the clients and Dale Chihuly himself at the studio. Once approved, it will be disassembled, shipped to the site and reassembled as closely as possible to the original form.


The studio tour completed with a beautiful gallery space lined with many of Chihuly’s most exemplary works.



The tour was a stunning display of visuals from the making and assembling of the pieces to the final display of the art itself. A personal thanks goes out to Allison, Susan, and Renee for generously hosting us and sharing their expertise.

[Photo by Allison Kramer]

Cheers from Team BUILD

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Chase Culpan at the Calgary Window and Door Guys did up a fascinating infographic on skyscrapers. Besides listing the tallest skyscrapers, the graphic details the cities with the most buildings over 300 meters (984 feet) high, the most iconic buildings in this class, the first skyscraper, the evolution of the skyscraper and illuminating facts about these very […]

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Cost estimated climbed from $ 125 million in 2012 to $ 360 million.
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Top tips for working in construction

The construction business is one of the most pulsating and challenging business ventures. It demands lot of investments in terms of your energy, capital and time that is the main reason why it is very essential that you are passionately interested in this business venture.

With each passing day this arena is facing lot many changes in the techniques, equipments and style of working. You can do yourself a huge favour by seeking the right qualifications in order to have in-depth knowledge about the different dimensions of the construction business. No doubt, the reality picture tends to be different but it is always worthwhile to be well versed with the theoretical aspects in order to focus on the challenges of the actual world of work.

It will also help you in becoming more receptive of the changes and better options. You will be able to embrace the novelty easily if you remain open to its challenging nature. For that you always need to be on your toes and make sure you are well aware of the changing trend. With this attitude you will never lag in the race of being a proverbial in the construction business and lead your company towards excellence and proficiency.

Make sure you have the right tools. It's a poor craftsman who blames his tools, but it's understandable if you can't get the job done because you haven't got the equipment you need. As an example, portable hyundai generators can provide you with power when out in the field

Hence, you should seek this business option only when you think and firmly believe that it is your area of expertise. This will help you in creating better perspective and clear the expectation zone! It is important to be interested and really like the construction work in order to reap better rewards!

Once, you have set your mind in your business endeavours you need to take the first step of launching the construction business. You can also affirm your intensions and visions by joining the trade union. This step can facilitate your functioning as a proficient business venture. Moreover, the formalities, legal procedures, financial liabilities can be sorted by seeking the right guidance and information.

Most importantly, the construction arena is sure to make you more aware and concerned about the safety needs of your workers and employees. Hence, you will be giving lot of importance to safety meetings. These meeting can be taken as the right opportunity to seek awareness about the location and enforcing required rules and regulations. This is why you should never avoid or delay the safety meetings and its significance in your business. The insightful observation when blended with experience can help you get prepared for emergencies also. This also pave the way for better adjustments when require.

It is clear that this business can be crude and demanding in many respects, yet it also creates a very profitable and satisfying venture. In order to get the maximum of your business set up you need to have proper vision and clear expectations. Your attitude and working style is going to determine your success and the heights of your profits. Therefore, it is time that you open yourself to the creative and profitable ideas to ensure that your construction business is a roaring success from now on!